WebPath Express
Linking your Library Catalog to the Internet

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Improve Information and Technology Literacy!
The Internet is an integral part of your students' world and a vast source of information and knowledge. Getting the right information and knowing how to use it is a process that needs to be learned and mastered to develop technology and information literacy. WebPath Express is a great resource to help focus the endless amount of information available on the web and present the most relevant and age-appropriate content to further promote learning and achievement.
  • Integrate thousands of trustworthy and relevant K-12 web sites, reviewed by experts daily to ensure educational value, age-appropriateness and availability.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that students are getting information that is relevant to their needs and verified for factual accuracy and objectivity.
  • Give students the confidence to conduct self-directed searches and develop greater information literacy with content they can use.
  • Focus web site searches even further with grade-level information provided for each result.

Note: Users of Follett Software's library automation solutions can use an integrated version of WebPath Express that works directly with their Circulation Plus/Catalog Plus and Destiny products. Go to: www.fsc.follett.com/products/subscriptionservices/webpathexpress/

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